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Better than a punch in the face from Jahlil Okafor, the Big Ballers Podcast is back! The Warriors are going streaking as they etch themselves into NBA history, Jason "kidding" around with the refs, we ask when is it time for Kobe Bryant to call it a day and NBL MVP talk.

All the usual segments like NBA Law and Order, Big Baller/No Baller and Question of the Day. As always its a no holds barred show as we talk hoops the only way we know how!!

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We're back and we're on time....this week. On this episode, we chat about about the situation in Houston after the Rockets parted ways with head coach Kevin McHale, the Clippers being, well.... the Clippers, the end of a legacy for Kobe Bryant and much more!!

All the usual segments are there including NBA Law and Order and there always interesting Big Baller, No Baller. For our Aussie hoop fans theres some NBL talk from the stray elbows of Brian Conklin to the race for the MVP and where did those Ben Gordon to the Adelaide 36ers come from?....

The Big Ballers Podcast is back in full swing with the only hoops podcast that doesn't pull any punches as we have REAL basketball discussion 

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The Boys are back, a bit late apologies on that one. They talk Steph Curry, KDs injury how the rookies have fared so far also NBL chat and Moe decides to only talk during the breaks.... as you can see they haven't missed a step

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edited by Eastman so its probably crap...

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