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Like a mascot that's been re-designed by Kanye West, Big Ballers Podcast is back and better than ever!

On this episode, we chat about the recent struggles in OKC and how it affects Durant's free agency, what direction are the Knicks headed in and why does Charles Barkley open his mouth?

In 'Aussie Baller', we breakdown the NBL Grand Final series, as well as the Adelaide 36ers signing Jerome Randle.

The usual segments are there, including 'Question of the Day', where we debate about Ben Simmons' decision to nominate for the NBA Draft. Big Ballers Podcast, it's still better than Kyle Singler!


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Over the years there have been some formidable duos that have forged their name in basketball history. Fair to say that Toddy and Miller definitely ain't one of them!

On this episode of Big Ballers Podcast, the duo breakdown all of the trades, buyouts and signings of the last week, the Spurs flying under the radar and of course... Steph Curry's record breaking game against OKC.

In Aussie Baller news, we chat about the allegations of match fixing in the NBL. Plus, we have the usual segments including Big Baller/No Baller and Question of the Day.

Big Ballers Podcast. It's like the Lance Stephenson of the podcast world. No matter how hard we try, we'll never amount to anything.


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Just like Andre Drummond in the Slam Dunk Contest, we're out of our depth but having a crack anyway!

On this All-Star WEAK-end edition of Big Ballers, we break down all the action and ask, is the the All-Star Weekend really worth the hype? As well as that, we chat about all the big news and trade rumours, as the NBA Trade Deadline approaches.

We have all the usual segments, including Big Baller/No Baller and in Question of the Day, we ask "Who has been robbed in the Slam Dunk Contest?". It's the show that Kenny Smith won't shut up about, so check it out!


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Despite "technical difficulties" the lads have assembled to talk trash along with the occasional basketball talk. From the starters and reserves to those who were "snubbed", we talk All-Star selections, the firing of David Blatt as well as Blake Griffin's aspirations of being UFC Heavyweight Champion. We have a brief chat about Aussie hoops (including the NBL), as well the usual segments like Big Baller/No Baller and Question of the Day, where we give a more in-depth look into All-Star Weekend.


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In this episode, Brooklyn cast a “net” to find a new GM & Coach, we ask are the clippers really missing Griffin? Kendrick Perkins shows "UNITY" & will Derozan be a Raptor next year?
In NBL we cover the throwback round, the new Sixers “Cube” & some player, coach milestones.
NBA Law n Order turns into “Whose Baby Is It?”, we debate is it a "sausage sandwich" or “Sausage w/ Bread” and will Buckets & Moe communicate through carrier pigeon?? 
All this and we sneak in some Ball talk as well   

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Much like half the NBA roster at the moment, we're taking it day to day but we are back and ready for some politically incorrect hoops talk!

As injuries take it's toll, we breakdown the latest on who's out and when they're coming back, Doc Rivers is unhappy (AS USUAL), unrest in Phoenix and could we see Brandon Jennings in New York?

As usual, we talk smack in our favourite segments including NBA Law & Order where we cover the crime wave thats hitting the Knicks and how 50 Cent has vowed to bring those responsible to justice.

Plus in NBL talk we chat about the success of the "Open Air" game in Melbourne as well as some upgrades to the Adelaide 36ers home court.

Bring in the new year the Big Baller way!!

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More appealing than a pair of Yeezy's, The Big Ballers are back!

In this action packed show, we chat about the latest NBA news including, Dwight Howard's inability to choose a team, Swaggy Ps inability to choose a decent pair of kicks, Kristaps Porzingas (AKA #ThreeSixLatvia) hosting a block party and we start a new concept we like to call the "Big Baller World Heavyweight Championship"

in NBL/Aussie Baller talk, things get heated as we put a certain Aussie Basketball "journalist" on notice plus the usual segments like NBA Law and Order and Big Baller/No Baller.

It's the only Aussie podcast talking hoops and NOT checking facts.

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The Big Ballers are back and working harder then James Hardens team mates at the defensive end!

On the "non fact checking" episode we chat about the retirement of Kobe Bryant and the legacy left behind, the lack of defence from James Harden and how Paul George is making people take notice of the Pacers. In NBL talk we cover Brian Conklins release, possible replacements for Josh Childress and how the FOX commentary team is tracking so far.

Plus NBA Law and Order, Big Baller/No Baller & a mixed bag in Question of the day which starts with jersey retirement talk and ends with us talking about Steph Curry & Melos wives.... 

We aint here to make friends, we're here to talk hoops the only way we know how... NO HOLDS BARRED!!!

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Better than a punch in the face from Jahlil Okafor, the Big Ballers Podcast is back! The Warriors are going streaking as they etch themselves into NBA history, Jason "kidding" around with the refs, we ask when is it time for Kobe Bryant to call it a day and NBL MVP talk.

All the usual segments like NBA Law and Order, Big Baller/No Baller and Question of the Day. As always its a no holds barred show as we talk hoops the only way we know how!!

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We're back and we're on time....this week. On this episode, we chat about about the situation in Houston after the Rockets parted ways with head coach Kevin McHale, the Clippers being, well.... the Clippers, the end of a legacy for Kobe Bryant and much more!!

All the usual segments are there including NBA Law and Order and there always interesting Big Baller, No Baller. For our Aussie hoop fans theres some NBL talk from the stray elbows of Brian Conklin to the race for the MVP and where did those Ben Gordon to the Adelaide 36ers come from?....

The Big Ballers Podcast is back in full swing with the only hoops podcast that doesn't pull any punches as we have REAL basketball discussion 

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